Whatcha-gonna do today?

Updated: Mar 26

We are home for an unknown time with the stay at home order.

I am happy for this.

It offers us a time to be together as a family and meet everyone's unique needs (outside of playtime with similar aged humans).

Our household is happy. We are easy to fall into new rhythms and like the change at the roots of it all. We have a sense of hope that humanity will take a turn for the better through this hard time.

Now is an amazing opportunity for you. You have wanted to make a change for ages, you have project that you keep meaning to complete, you have reading that you would like to do. And, it is time for that now.

You can get up in the morning and drink water, You can skip Starbucks because it isn't open anyway. You can meditate or contemplate instead of whatever you would have normally done. You can do a free yoga class online. You can do an art or science project with your kids. You can go pull weeds and plant those seeds you have in the drawer. You can scrub the soap scum out of the tub. You can wash your windows. You can swing the kettle bell around to a cool kettlebell video. The list could go on.

You can relieve the pressure and the tension. You can rest. Because you don't have control and you never have. Stop thinking that you do. It's hurting you and leaving you exhausted.

Homework: what would it feel like to relax? Just relax? Nothing to do for right now. Then, when it dawns on you that you want to go do something, you ask the questions:

Does this action serve me well?

Is this action the best use of my time?

Will this action make me feel good?

Who is affected by this action beside me?

How does it affect this person or people?

It is worth it?

That is all.

I love you.

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