Train for a marathon on lockdown

I feel you.

I want to go run too.

I am crawling in my skin a bit.

And, it's offered me a chance to run less. I am happy for this because I am doing some hardcore workouts with little Mateo everyday and it is awesome. We are practicing a lot of Ido Portal's stuff and he is challenged, I am challenged, we are rocking it together while Aila dances around to the music.

I am still running, but less frequency.

So, the original question is "How do I train for my marathon when I have kids at home from school and no time to run?"

Here is my heartfelt advice:

1. Run less. Run with more quality and intention. Rather than focusing on the times/week of running, make the ones you get SUPER QUALITY. I like to focus my attention on form and speed for a 6-er, then form and sustained 75% effort for a longer 12-er at some point in the week. The other workouts are not running.

2. Core more. Do circuit style exercises with the kids that include some of your physical therapy/stabilizer/don't really like these exercises. I will sing a song about the exercise with the kids. I am using rhyming, silly animal sounds, ETC to keep their attention while I get my gluteus medius muscles more engaged. Remember, anything you can do, they can do funner. Watch those babies move and you will learn new core exercises that mother nature gave them to give us. Yesterday, I watched Aila do a workout as a toddler that many trainers charge $100/session for. I just followed her lead and bam, core development at it's finest. But, make it warrior-like so you don't fall into the "I'm so focused and so bored" trap. This means, do burpies or squat to overhead press. Kettlebell swing and jump lunges for glute strength and improving your hill running. These are still essential for marathon training and your butt will look nice and firm all the while.

3. Hydrate and sleep. The one thing we are really lacking in our conditioning programs (if we are hammering it and nothing is happening) the proper amount of rest and intake of appropriate solution of fluids. I don't care who you think you are, but you are a human being and you can't fight this. Accept it, surrender, and realize that you need good quality sleep in the time zone you live in. Then, surrender that you need a balanced blood panel just like every other human on the planet. For some reason, you have convinced yourself that you are different and even special in some way. Nope. You are not. Even Olympic athletes realize after years of crappy diets and poor sleep habits that this is SUPER important to their overall training regime. They are crazy about it because it can make or break a workout which makes or breaks the games.

Your homework:

1. Focus on quality workouts, not quantity as it is more realistic to achieve.

2. Do more core workouts that strengthen the body, awaken the stabilizers, and dynamically lengthen tissue that is over-used or mis-used.

3. Prioritize your sleep habits and intake balances. Sleep and blood panel can chop A LOT of time off of your marathon time (relatively) and it is in your best interest to do this if you want to get faster, recover faster, and just be overall more awesome.

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