Repetition builds the trail

As I have been trail running a lot more now, (Aila is sleeping for 10 hours and I have discovered some amazing trails in Sonoma County) I have also had a bit more quiet time to contemplate and concentrate. I love this time and space to be with my thoughts while flowing through beautiful Northern California trails.

So this past Tuesday, I was thinking how amazing it was to have trails and how they got there in the first place. My mind travels to the amount of walkers, hikers, animals, runners that travel the same route before it becomes a trail like the one I was running on.

Now, I am sitting here reading Gene Key #9 and see exactly WHY I was having that line of thinking a few days ago.

I would like to relate it to goals. Goals and repetition. The traveled path.

If we have a goal, I think many times we get really bogged down with the details. I think we get SO bogged down that we don't even start one little thing to get momentum going. I think a lot of times, we just put it off until we are "ready" or the "time is right" or we "know more" or whatever our big fear is for making that tiny first act.

Some of these things MAY be true. However, if you think about it all of the time and it will serve a higher purpose, it is probably time to get moving.

When we take that first step and we repeatedly take the step, a path gets worn in the direction we want to head. This makes it easier to continue going that direction and we take another step because it starts to feel pretty good OR we can see we are getting a little bit closer. Little by little, all of these steps start to lead to a fairly worn path that is easier to travel. And, can be a lot more fun than the freeway we were on before (getting us nowhere really fast).

I believe this is how the brain works and how plastic our brains/how retrainable our brains actually are.

When you know what you want and the state you want to be in more often than not, you are more likely to have a path in mind. When you can release the fears or doubts of the first steps and just take one, you are more likely to go back there again at some point because it does feel good. This feeling good is what you want!

My daughter Aila was crying, screaming, laughing, and excited for her first baby steps. After those first steps, she fell hard on her butt. She cried. She was mad. BUT, she got up and tried again. She had WILL and DETERMINATION because it was inherent in her, undeniable, and she wasn't going to let one fall or fifty falls hold her back from running.

Your homework:

1. What do you want (a state of being, a goal of losing weight, a financial goal, ETC)?

2. What/who do you love enough to achieve the goal?

3. What components most hold you back from achieving it or getting started? (state your fears or obstacles)

4. Are your goals realistic?

5. How long do you think they will take?

6. Who helps you get there? Who supports you or needs to help you get your goals met?

7. What is 1 very simple step you could take RIGHT NOW to start wearing down a new path?

8. How long do you think it will take to wear down this first step to the point where you don't even think about it anymore?

9. What will be the second step you could take when the first step is worn down a lot more?


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