Quarantine Routine

I love the quiet

I love not being rushed around all day

I love peace

I don't love not being able to go to the park.

But I do it for you and I hope you do it for me.

Here is what this tree hugging, outdoor loving, (want to be hippy), has done with her days locked in the house.

Arise to the sound of Aila saying "Ma Ma or Da Da!!"

Meditate or contemplate while I change diapers (or lie in bed if Matt's takes the wake up call with her)

Get up and rinse mouth, brush teeth, and drink 8 ounces of water

Take Aila downstairs

Drink Organifi green juice

Eat small breakfast filled with fat and protein

Feed kids

Exercise in some way. We have equipment here in the house like dumbbells, kettlebell, physio-ball, bands, and a jump rope. One day, we did a circuit where everyone in the family picked a few exercises and did a certain amount of time with each exercise. The next day, we danced to different types of music and made up dances to each type of music. The next day, we pulled up a short Rodney Yee Yoga video, a 7 minute abdominal video, a handstand tutorial, then we finished with my Ido Portal favorites. Tomorrow, we will continue our Salsa dancing and practice our Chi Gong exercises, and we are hoping to go bike riding on Friday which depends on Gavin Newsom's advice by then.

Snack time with fruits, veggies, and Organifi red juice

Naptime for Aila, Mateo's focused learning time. We have reading, writing, math, poetry, music, science, and Spanish

Aila wakes up and we have lunch for the kids.

Backyard time (our back area is very small, but we do have a little sandbox). Today we will sweep, dig, and move the bird feeder. Tomorrow, we plant seeds for germination and pull weeds.

Snacktime with fat and protein

Learn about an animal via internet, books we have in the house, or a video online

Mommy cooks dinner while kids play fort, build with magna tiles, or legos

Dinner from Sally Fallon's "Nourishing Traditions" book

Book reading time, Bath time, and Aila down for bed by 6:30PM

Mateo, Mom, and Dad play Checkers, Chess, or some other game (maybe a movie) with Organifi Gold Juice

Brush teeth and everyone in bed by 8/8:30

Meditate, read, and contemplate until my brain signals that it is time for sleep

It's all about routine, it's all about rhythms. It helps people feel safe and it helps breed creativity as your basic needs are met.

Your homework:

Write down your basic daily needs and the rhythms that keep your nervous system feeling happy, heard, and taken care of. See where you are doing a great job and observe where change could be made to help the collective. Recognize why you care to make the change and what you stand to gain by sticking with the change. Do it for this week and see how you feel. Have fun with it.

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