Our workout today

Just around 8:30.

After breakfast.

The workout begins.

The living room gets cleared out and equipment makes it way out from under the sofa, the chair, and various locations in our sweet sweet townhouse in Sebastopol.

The music gets selected and it's GO TIME.

And it looks a lot like this.... hit it:

1. Warm up the joints of the wrists with circles, elbows with circles, shoulders with circles, hips, knees, ankles, with circles.

2. A little Qui Gong slapping to get the "chi" activated.

3. Breathing squats

4. Alternating back lunges

5. Shoulder prep with some old cardboard rods from a dryer box.

6. Monster steps with some rubber tubing

7. Jumping jacks to burpees

8. Handstand practice

9. Primal squat holds with spine twisting

10. Free dance and free play 5 minutes

11. V-sit with super silly twisty snake dance

12. Superman holds on physioball

13. Knee crunches on physioball

14. 4-point on physioball

15. 2-point on physioball

16. Standing on physioball (we have a duraball.... and it's full)

17. Dance dance dance for as long as it takes

18. Yoga for 5 minutes

19. Find the beat in music practice

20. Plank competition


Have fun, get your heart rate up a bit, let go of your silly belief system about what exercise should look like or how long it should last, and kiss your kids often.

I love you

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