Setting priorities in your life

Updated: Feb 24

Why priority setting is so important

As Matt and I are looking around to buy a place to live here in Sebastopol, we have had a lot of conversations about what we are looking for. Who knew that there was so much that went into looking for a place to live.

We initially started looking around because we both feel a really strong pull to provide our children with a safe, clean, quiet place that they come home to at the end of a day. Then, we saw how important it was to be able to walk to the grocery store and the parks. Mostly because we both want to reduce our carbon footprint. This offers the children an opportunity to see, in the busy world we live in, another mode of transportation that is not utilizing fossil fuels as much. And partly because it is just easier to get a toddler to walk or ride in a stroller rather than fuss around with in and out of car seats.

Then, as the time is going by and we are seeing different places, it has become more obvious that other things are important to us as well. Like, living near people who share the same values we do of keeping a yard clean and keeping the look of the yard a certain way.

It has offered us an amazing platform to talk about a need of being in a certain zip code and why that matters to one of us and not the other.

During this process, I have seen how important intentionality is as it relates to buying a home! What is our intention in even looking? Is it more an investment or setting down roots? Is it more for homeownership as a shallow need for "success" in life or is it a smart financial decision made by two stable adults?

It has been within these discussions that I have been able to further my shadow work within myself and identify my fire starting tendencies, my confusing language with my partner when I get excited about big decisions, and my tendency to exhaust myself by thinking too much.

In closing (pun intended), I offer you a challenge. Look at one aspect of your life that requires a decision to be made. Write down your intentions (honest and no one is looking), write down your priorities as it relates to the decision, write down how you tend to behave in and around decisions like this one, and contemplate how change could be good. Then, look for areas within the decision making process that you shine and are proud of yourself. Congratulate yourself here.

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