Lose 10 pounds during a quarantine

I want you and your family to stay safe.

I hope that you are respecting others and following quarantine rules.

I know that everything will change and it will take some time for the impact of this event in history to really sink in and all living beings adjust.

It is my role to stay enthusiastic and supportive of you as you embark on this adventure with me.

How can you make the most of this time?

I think you can accomplish goals that get pushed to the back burner due to commitments, lack of time, lack of sleep, and such.

Here is the quick down and dirty as to how you can lose that ponch in the upcoming weeks of lockdown.

1. You don't have to get up so early and you can go to bed earlier. Sleep is in the top 3 reasons why people can't/don't lose body fat. I don't need to go into the reasons here as you can find plenty of resources on this topic ALL OVER THE PLACE. More than anything, you already knew this because something deep inside you told you so when you first started to put the extra pounds on. Get 8 hours (I need more like 10). It is best for your endocrine system (most humans, not all) to get to SLEEP by 10 and up naturally by 6AM. My person rhythm is 9-7, then I am stoked.

2. Stop eating and drinking things that you KNOW are not good for your body.

You don't need so much coffee during the day. A cup before 9AM, go for it. Coffee all day long, hello fat on your abdominals.

Sugary drinks (have you checked the back of the bottle?) are going to wreak havoc on your glycemic load, cut them out.

Are your portions appropriate for your goals? Recognize if you eat enough during the day, find yourself skipping meals, or chow hounding late at night. Stop doing that, all of that. Ask your body what it wants and when it wants it. Follow orders from the captain of the ship. If the captain of the ship says "eat a bag of Doritos", I would question if a Dorito is the captain at that point. Food is very addictive and when the addict is driving the ship, it will wreak havoc on your ponch.

3. Move your body in any way that you can. You have a body, you can do a workout. You have an iphone or a computer. Use it to workout in a different way everyday during this hard time and you will find something your body loves to do. Dance, jump up and down, ride your stationary bike, jump rope, run up and down stairs, do a free yoga class online, do 7 minute abs on Youtube, do Tai Chi, do Qui Gong, do "chase the string" with the cat. I promise you that you have everything you need to get into great shape right in your home and you don't need anything else but a brain and some thumbs.

Your homework:

Write down 3 things (1 in each of the above categories) that you can do starting today, tomorrow, or Monday (I get it). Then, promise yourself that you are going to do it because there is NO TIME like now and this is it. This is the time. You want to and you need to.

I love you.

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