Limitlessness and machetes

I am learning to speak Spanish.

I am learning to understand Spanish.

I am 44 years old and have been speaking English pretty much the whole of that 44 years.

So, it makes this goal challenging.

Mateo and I were speaking Spanish today, just to keep it active in him and I. Then, we had to venture out to a grocery store to get some essentials. The super fun guy that we always see at Pacific Market started speaking a little Spanish with us. "HOW FUN", I thought. This is another space I can practice. Well, he didn't really speak Spanish and got TOTALLY thrown off when he realized that my boy spoke fluently and I was mediocre. "Ah darn" he says, "I only speak un pocito". He says, "I only had a little in high school, then found out that I could take music instead and switched."

We proceeded to talk a bit. Then, I said as we walked out of the store, "the brain is like the jungle, you have to take a machete in to create a path. Once you start chopping, don't stop as you never know what it will lead to"!! Ok, so where did that come from mom? Mateo asks, "Mom, is that true? Did you machete a path to Spanish?" We learned about metaphors in home-school the other day, so he understood when I told him what was up.......

The point is, you are limitless. Literally. You are only held back by your own system of beliefs.

You want to speak Spanish, then do it. And, don't stop until you got it. End of story.

I don't think I need to say more. You get it.


Get out your machete and start chopping down a path for change, learning, health, and overall badassery. The only thing missing is you and your belief in your own capabilities. However, be honest with yourself. I will not ever be chosen to play quarterback for the Denver Broncos. I know that. I don't even think about it as I don't live in that era. But, you may and you may!

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