Kids with Cabin fever: Part 2

Poor little dudes.

Used to playing outside.

Now confined to the indoors and outdoors surrounding only their homes. For many little ones in the city, this means an apartment building with a rooftop? A small courtyard?

Sweet little ones.

Looking to learn from nature and go climb trees.

Now hearing about sad things and stressful things. Now sensing the weirdness of mom becoming a teacher overnight. Now trying to find ways to keep themselves occupied while mom or dad or both have to work at home online and have no private space.


Can't you just feel it for them?

Well, we are doing our best through rhythm and structure to help Mateo and Aila the best we can. And, they are still kids. So, we and them, have to get really creative EVERYDAY. It looks like we may be on lockdown for another month or more. So, I want to support you as much as I can. In turn, it keeps me on the hunt for more so that I can share it with my littles and share it with you.

Here is what we did to stir up our 8:30AM workout routine this morning:

Mateo took all the equipment out. We have 2 purple duraballs, 2 10 pound dumb bells, a 20 pound kettlebell, many resistance bands, a dyna-disc for balance, a TRX, some rings, a pull up bar that fits in the door way, a foam roller, and some perfect push up thingys.

We started with the total joint warmup and some breathing squats. We did a little Qui Gong and I worked on my handstands while he took all of the equipment and designed an exercise path across the main room. But, the trick was....... the floor was lava. He had to balance his whole body on the physioball. He had to jump from one thing to the next without making contact with the lava floor. He did great and it turned into an amazing core, balance, focus, and design workout for him. LOVE IT.

We have been practicing everyday and Mateo almost has a handstand in the middle of the floor!!

Meanwhile, Aila is potty training herself. She sees mommy in a sports bra and shorts. Then, she has to take everything off too. She knows she has to pee. Then, she heads over to her little potty on the main area floor. She takes the pee pee to the potty, dumps it in, then flushes the toilet!! YOU GO GIRL!!!

Today, we have school.

Today, Mateo is working on reading: "Buds are here. Sun shines clear." First, we read it together. Then, he colors a picture from his mind from what he imagines. Then, he writes the sentences down on the page. After, we will work on a little adding, subtracting, and fractions. Today is Spanish. We will learn a few new words and put them to practice.

After Aila wakes up, we eat a healthy lunch. Then, we go outside of our house. We have a small outdoor space with a sandbox. The kids will dig, find bugs, and cut the grass with kid scissors.

At about 3PM, it's time for reading or dancing (all dependent on mood of each kid).

At about 4PM, it's time to learn about an animal either on Youtube, Disney, Netflix or other as I have to prepare dinner.

5PM or earlier is dinner.

Then, we have more dancing and family fun time.

Bath time at 6PM.

Aila in bed by 6:30.

Book time with Mateo.

Mateo in bed by 7:30PM.

How was your day today? What did you do?

Go onto my Facebook page and share your story. I would love to hear it.

I love you

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