Kids with cabin fever

Mateo is home from school and though he is really missing his buds, I am really stoked. Aila is stoked too because she gets to hang with "Bro Bro" all day. Matt is working, so he gets to see the kids before and after work.

Last week we learned about what our daily rhythms were going to be and this week, we are settling in quite nicely.

We have taken this opportunity as a chance to learn, be together, challenge our minds and our bodies, and let go of the daily push that North America tends to breed. I can only speak for myself and say that I love it. We have learned so much from each other and youtube as we conquer Salsa, Spanish, growing crystals with Alum, drawing, coloring, throwing kettlebells around, and just about anything that sparks our interest. It is fun.

The only challenge I sense is the amount of aggression that builds in Mateo as he has not been with another 7 year old for days.

Today's post is about how to move this aggression through the body so no one proposes violence or aggression onto the sister, brother, mother, father, friend, partner, co-worker, community, or the world.

Mateo is such a patient kid and he is not an aggressor. But, if I have to put any of my guiding attention elsewhere, things could go off it's rails really quick. Can't blame the kid as normally we are outdoors all afternoon in one way or another.

Yesterday, we saw together the building of aggression at 8:30AM and this is what we did:

1. Recognize the tension and listen to it's needs

2. Put on some African drumming

3. Dance around the room like crazy people for about 5 minutes

4. Make sounds with gestures that look like warriors ready to go out on a hunt which eventually turns into animals with animal sounds

5. Punch the air, pillows, stuffed toys, kick the air

6. Move into breathing exercise that look a lot like breath in deep and quickly through the nose and push the air out hard through the mouth in a mini squat position

7. Start at step 3 and repeat until there is a sense of grounding in the nervous system

8. Stand firm on the ground and look at someone you love in the eyes (find a mirror if you are alone)

9. State out loud your love for each other and that we will always be there for each other

10. Close with quiet time for a few minutes

Well, this worked wonders. The rest of the day was a breeze.

Your homework for this week at some point:

When you have an emotion that can tend to move into someone else's world in a harmful way, follow the steps above to see if it allows you to fully express the emotion without the harming of others in your path. Recognize how you feel right after and bask in the glow of relief.

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