How to meditate

Updated: Feb 24

I love to meditate.

I love teaching meditation.

And, I don't meditate like you told me to..... so there

Meditation: the act or practice of meditating.

Notice that meditation is a verb and you are still DOING SOMETHING. I like to consider it as a state of BEING rather than doing, but in our human form..... yup, you are doing something. I am sitting here with my eyes closed and I am following my breath. I am doing as I am being.

How I meditate

  1. When I wake up in the morning, I take some time to become aware of my state of being. By asking leader questions about my intentions for the day, I can see more clearly the choices I going to make and why I am making them.

  2. When I go workout, I am very aware of how I am breathing and why I am exercising. I listen to my body and tune in to it's needs for the day. I intuitively pick exercises or functions that my body wants and needs for the day. My favorite time is when it works out that I can go run on trail. This is the best moving meditation for me.

  3. When I am cooking meals for the children, I listen to my breathing and focus on the quality of my breathe as well as my movements. I pay attention to how I am doing what I am doing as well as the intensions behind my actions.

  4. Before sleeping at night there is a moment lasting 15-20 minutes where I am at peace before I cruise off to dreamland. This is a time for me to express gratitude for my life, my children, my husband, my family, and my community. I follow my breathe through things that happened in my day. I set an intention for good quality sleep. I also give my mind a chance to show me what it needs from me and offer it a chance to resolve issues. Maybe these issues are from the past or present. I ask my inner self what it needs me to see about it, what it needs me to understand, and how I can be of upmost service to helping improve the quality of life through it. Many times, these are belief systems that are either not serving me well anymore or that are serving me well.

Now, the homework for today!

Take a look at your entire day to find little obvious windows where you can meditate. All this means is finding opportunities to slow your breathing, contemplate something, feel grateful about something, and be aware of your surroundings. This means taking a few minutes to look at what scares you, what makes you happy, or even set a game plan to take your family on a cool vacation in May. Do take a step back from what you think you should be doing for a few minutes. Do breathe in and breathe out with focused attention and awareness. Do not give yourself pressure that it is not right or not long enough (even though I find benefit in this as well). Mostly, do not ever think that there is only one way to do it! This gets you trapped in your mind and less likely to meditate. It's just like exercise. One may feel that if they don't have an hour to workout, then it's not worth even doing. But, as we know with HIIT, short bursts CAN and DO work. And, as we know with long distance running, the first mile is the hardest and just getting out there kick starts the marathon.

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