Good morning sunshine

The sun came up this morning and shown a bright glow through the trees and into our kitchen. I looked at this ray of light and thought, "the sun still comes up". It was within this thought that I had so much gratitude for life. I then drank clean water and thought "I have clean and filtered water to drink, I'm so lucky". The gratitude ran even deeper as my two little ones had multiple food options laid out on the dining table for breakfast. I had the amazing opportunity to walk into a grocery store and make a choice for what to feed my children and myself. Wow, what a blessing.

Today and everyday, I say thanks for the things I HAVE in my life and I even the things that I don't.

Your homework:

Look at all of the ways you are disappointed, Write it all down. Sit in the big ol' sit of disappointment and look around. And, when you have had enough, look for things you are not disappointed in. Write it all down. Look for gifts, lessons, and blessings in the disappointment and the lack thereof.

I love you.

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