Smiling ear to ear

Updated: Feb 24

I was so happy to hear about and visit Armstrong Redwood Reserve national park last week. I tell you, what a treat! These amazing beings are one of my favorite things about living in Northern California. And when I am gone too long, they call my name.

I feel very lucky to have the opportunity to run on these trails that are maintained by California State Parks. And, I find that running on these trails are my peace, my meditation, and my home.

After a bit of turbulence over the last 6 months, I have been forced to look at what really makes me happy and what makes me smile without realizing I am doing so! And then, do them often.

One of these things is definitely hanging out with my kids at Ragle Park. Another one is jumping on the trampoline with my son Mateo. And, one of them is running on trails in Northern California. What I am talking about sounds so simple, yet it is so important to our lives. When you are in your happy place and you are flowing, you forget about time. When you are grinning ear to ear, you are in a state of being that is biochemically better for you. Then, when you need to go be productive doing something else, you are more primed to do a great job rather than a mediocre job.

So, the homework for today is to write down things that make you SO HAPPY. Write down what puts an ear to ear grin on your face no matter what is going on in your life. Write down how often you do these things and contemplate why you don't do them more often if you are finding yourself in stressful states more often than you would like. Congratulate yourself when you find that you do these things often and recognize that even if they are little or don't "produce" much for anyone else, they are good for you! That is what matters. We are better to others when we are better to ourselves. When you feel good, you have more compassion for others.

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