Meet Rachel

Licensed Holistic Lifestyle Coach

Rachel is and has been a very goal oriented person from her beginnings as an athlete at a very young age. Running and fitness have always been a part of her day. She typically doesn't take NO for an answer which makes goal achievement a little easier for her. "I can't do that" has very rarely been used in her vocabulary and not too many things in life hold her back from getting what she wants.


After competing in triathlon and trail ultramarathon for 15 years combined, being a member of Team USA, awarded all American, and multiple top finishes in many endurance events, she has learned that hard work, motivation, dedication, and a pit bull mentality can get you places. Add in running a business, having 2 kids, being a wife, and falling flat on her face multiple times she has learned about resilience, humility, shadows, and illusions. 

Rachel is inspirational, motivational, supportive, and believes in you. She doesn't coach from a textbook approach as her coaching is more personalized and customized to the client's needs. She is not a babysitter as she is more of a co-creator and tends to let you come to conclusions yourself by asking questions and offering insight to potentials. She believes in you even when you are losing hope. Through education, she knows a bit about human function, anatomy, and how it might work. Through experience, she knows what works a lot of the time and what blows up most of the time.

It's through this experience that you get a coach that LISTENS to you

It's through this experience that you feel UNDERSTOOD

It's through this experience that she can set up a plan for YOU​

With Rachel you can:

Learn how to listen to your inner voice

Learn how to trust yourself again

Learn how to sense when fear is guiding your behavior

Understand why you should take care of yourself

Understand why you should love yourself

Learn about setting attainable goals

Learn how to use intentionality to get what you want

Learn about the body and why you may not be healing

Learn about running and/or fitness to become a fitter body

Learn about eating a diet that suites your needs 


Examples of Former or current clients: 

  • The Olympic Club San Francisco

  • Drinker Biddle and Reath San Francisco

  • Equinox Health Clubs San Francisco

  • North Face Endurance Challenge Start Up Coaching Crew

  • NIKE club run Coach

  • Charles Schwab corporate offices

  • CEO large start up company in San Francisco

  • Foreign trader 

  • Emergency Room doctor

  • Mom of 2

  • Triathlete training for Ironman

  • Ultramarathoner training for 100 miler

  • Marathoner training to qualify for Boston marathon

  • Top Bay Area athlete training for world championships in Triathlon

  • Optometrist wanting to get back into shape

  • Dentist who needed to lose weight

  • Boot Camp company owner

  • Trail lovers and avid fitness runners

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