Hi, I'm Rachel. Welcome to the next step on your path to life mastery. 

You are here because you are really ready to change your life, look at your habits, release what no longer serves you, and let energy flow. 

You have goals of losing unhealthy weight for good, having a baby, healing an injury, finding love, opening a business, changing careers, running a marathon, or hiking a multi-day event. You are interested in looking at your entire life and how you operate. You are ready to take a look at the shadow sides of self in order to support a healthy healing journey. 

My sessions come from the heart. I work with the highest good in mind. My authenticity is what my clients love the most about my sessions. 


You are in search of inner wisdom, self trust, self love, and are in a place in your life where you are ready to do what it takes to accomplish goals you have had for years. You may be coming to these sessions with trust or lack of trust in self. You may be super fired up or really down in the trenches. I meet you where you are and we work from there. 

Let us tap in together and see what the future holds. Let us identify what may be holding you back from really achieving your overarching and bigger picture dreams. Let us see what belief system you may be operating through.

Let us cultivate a place where you can keep coming back to in order to find peace, self compassion, and the desire to practice self care. 

Coach Rachel

Licensed Holisitic Lifestyle Coach

Personal Trainer

Triathlon and Running Coach

Injury Prevention

Injury care 

Certified Bodyworker

15 Year competitive triathlete

Former ultra-marathoner

Mom of 2



I trained with Rachel for triathlon for many years. She is outdoing, goal oriented, energetic, and finds joy in helping others reach personal wellbeing. 


Rachel is driven. She looks out for the client, their goals, and searches for the best ways to achieve them. World's best cheerleader! She meets the client where they are at and tailors a program to fit their personal needs. 


"I just ran 50 miles and didn't die! Thank you Rachel."

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Email: kisswellness @ Gmail.com

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